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Big Changes

Big changes have been made to CEL4J recently.

Previously, CEL4J was just an umbrella name used as part of the name of a set of smaller projects. These projects have been merged into one bigger project, CEL4J.

The projects that have been merged are CEL4J Artifact, CEL4J Java Binary, CEL4J Java Decompiler, CEL4J Java Source, CEL4J JSON and CEL4J PHP.

Some of the above projects used their own versions of CEL4J Node, CEL4J Scanner and CEL4J Utilities. That is no longer the case, as they now use the same versions.

Other changes have also occurred. Many of the APIs have been simplified and documented with Javadocs.

Created at 2020-06-12 22:51:51 by Jörgen Lundgren

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