CIT Java

A library that extends the default Java APIs.

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java.awt: An AbsoluteLayout class, a Colors class et.c.
java.awt.image: A BufferedImages class with convenience methods. Conversions between data types and byte arrays. Methods to list files and directories.
java.lang: A Math2 class that provides methods for float among other things. A URIs class that can check if a String conforms to a URI.
java.util: A BitIterable to iterate over byte arrays and their bits.
java.util: A generic Graph class of Comparables.
java.util: A generic Interval class that defines an interval over Comparables.
java.util: Optionals for boolean, byte, char, float and short.
java.util: An Optionals class with static convenience methods for Optional and friends.
java.util: A DataBuffer interface and various implementations.
java.util: A Document class for creating well-formatted text.
java.util: The classes Scanner, ByteScanner and TextScanner for scanning.
java.util.concurrent: A ConcurrentLinkedHashSet class.
java.util.concurrent.atomic: An AtomicDouble class.
java.util.function: Consumers for boolean, byte, char, float and short.
java.util.function: Suppliers for byte, char, float and short.
java.util.function: A TerConsumer to consume three input arguments.
java.util.function: A QuaterConsumer to consume four input arguments.
java.util.function: A Procedure that takes no arguments and produces no result.
java.util.node: An API useful for modeling hierarchical node structures.
java.util.node.tree: An extension of the Node API, providing an immutable tree structure.
javax.swing: A JJavaTextPane with Java syntax highlighting, a JImagePanel et.c.


Java 8 The Java 8 runtime.